An Anthropological Survey of MiketheSwan

an audible, pictorial + lyrical study of an accidental busker + incidental songwriter





7 printmaking methods

linocut, silkscreen, photetching etc.






the portrait commissioned, stolen, the 3 minute, s.p.s (4 pgs.)



the nude

paint on photograph of large life drawings






Pen & Ink drawings from t.v.



The continuing Books of Automancy sketchbooks





portrait of an artist as a young man

& other novels drawn by me





the diarial adventures of MickeytheSwan




paintings of C.R. Avery's

"A Shotgun Wedding" the late20thCentury . Bop

poems from downtown Edmonton 87-89.


commercial work

either for my oppressor or a case o beer







early work studies of bus stops & bars

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