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Mike Sullivan is a multi-disciplinary artist performing and showing prolifically in East Vancouver.






3 or 4 of my songs including: MY SISTERS and MY LUNG are being used on CTV's 3rd episode of "WHISTLER".

The BOLTS OF FICTION cd is out(Jan.’06) with me playing bottleneck on some of the tracks. Its entitled "VANCOUVER STORY SLAM 2004-2005". Details and samples available at the website:

recording bed tracks for an album tentatively titled “Another Anthropological Survey of Mike the Swan.” There’s one wma on the MOOD SWINGS page




15 occasional mood swings

3 songs from the cd + lyrics




7 printmaking methods

llinocut, silkscreen, photetching etc.




the portrait commissioned, the 3 minute, s.p.s


the nude

 paint on photograph of large life studies





pen & ink drawings from t.v.



 & other Composers

very recent work in development




portrait of an artist as a young man

& other novels drawn by me




the diarial adventures of MickeytheSwan




paintings of C.R. Avery's

 "A Shotgun Wedding" the late20thCentury . Bop




commercial work







early work  studies of bus stops & bars