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Commissioned Portraits

Because I have them listed on my resume I thought I’d make a page of the portraits that I was asked to do for money. Some of these are preliminary sketches for works I haven’t scanned. Not all my commissioned portraits are represented here. Here's a link to the more extensive portrait page.


stolen portraits
character studies
the Carnegie Hall sessions
model sessions
other colored paper
from the photograph
Robin Mathews
C.R. Avery 
split second faces
the 3 minute profile experiment
(25 in 3 days marathon)

In the works:
the Chapter in a Book Idea
A 4 panel, once a week portrait.
The book of 12 eyes
The Paper doll Portrait

the inspirational Jodie Ann Zinner

the freely flowing E.Spliff

the controversial Robin Mathews

the hilarious Graham Clark

David & Connie




Mike is currently being represented by the Ayden Gallery in Tinseltown, Vancouver & will be showing his sketchbooks at the Triannon Gallery in Lethbridge, September, 2005


7 printmaking methods    1997

the portrait     ongoing 

the 3 minute portrait experiment
(25 in a 3 day marathon) 2003

the Carnegie Hall Sessions   2001

lil' nudes (paint on photograph of large life studies) 1997-2003

pen & ink drawings from t.v.   1994


"Rachmaninoff" & other Composers
(very recent work in development)   2003

portrait of an artist as a young man
(& other novels drawn by me2000-2002

paintings of C.R. Avery's "A Shotgun Wedding"  2002


12 lessons in introverted oratory  (formerly "moon mojo")   2003

the diarial adventures of Mickey the Swan   2002 (the late 20th Century . Bop1988

a contribution to Jabbar Al Janabi's  "Anu"2001

commercial work     ongoing

early work (studies of bus stops & bars) 1988