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Stolen Poses



The 1st 4 I stole from people on buses. The likeness from quick pictures of people never seen before is uncanny.

This women was oblivious of me and when she sensed she was being drawn. She posed a little then left in objection. When I introduced myself later she expressed her displeasure in my methods and the results buty liked my other work.

Snuffleupagus. She knew she was posing. 
The picture, contrarily, is of a Japanese girl I've never seen before.
Ralph knew I was going to draw his picture but didn't know when.
Same goes for Travis. 
I warned him, then caught him performing at Turks.

Same with Monica Lee. She knew, but not when.

Eddie lent me $5 so I promised him a portrait. 
He came over one day and I drew him when he wasn't looking. 
Pretty talented but I over painted some of his likenesses out. 

"Are you drawing my face, Mike?" "No, I'm drawing the space around your face."

my lil' inspirator


This is a sample of a successful experiment in jotting down profiles of people as they walked by. There were lots of successful portraits in this series. More of the unfinished work can be found at this link

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